Welcome To Life's A Pitch!

When we first met back in 2007, we soon found our weekly commute to see each other between Kent and Hampshire very expensive staying in hotels. So we bought our first tent together and decided that camping was the way forward, less expensive and way more flexible (not to mention, way more fun!). We camped anywhere and everywhere, we’re now seasoned campers, having pitched in all weathers and in some amazing spots including the Grand Canyon! Tent envy got to us on a few occasions, we had a couple of upgrades until we discovered bell tents and since then we haven't looked back. Nowadays we still camp whenever we can and every year make our annual pilgrimage to Cornwall with our young daughters in tow. It's so heartwarming that they both love camping as much as we do!

When we finally decided to tie the knot in 2016, we were only going to do it one way. We hired a field from the campsite we go to every year in Cornwall and organised our very own festival style wedding. It was an epic experience and a truly joyful weekend. It’s what ultimately inspired us to follow the course we did. If we can replicate the wonder and excitement we had on our wedding day for other couples, then happy days!

That brings us to where we are now, Lifes a Pitch. We’ve expanded and now have an amazing team to support us with our growing business.


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